Membership Requirements

1. Submission of a copy of the University of Alaska’s Checklist of Alaska Birds with those species marked that you have recorded in the State (including those on the Unsubstantiated List). Please note that the Club always has and continues to strictly follow this checklist which does not include introduced species such as Rock Pigeon, Chukar, Ring-necked Pheasant, Northern Bobwhite or escaped exotics and species of questioned origin. There are also other differences between the Alaska Checklist and current AOU and ABA checklists (e.g. Iceland Gull includes Thayer’s Gull). In order to avoid listing birds that cannot be counted in Alaska please submit your data using the 24th edition (2017) of the Checklist.

A link to the Checklist may be found on the Alaska 200 Club website’s Main Page, but you can also find it at the University of Alaska Museum of the North’s Ornithology website. Please provide some details (such as date, place, other observers, photos, specimens collected, written notes, etc.) for those species that you have identified which are noted on the checklist as Rare, Casual, Accidental or unsubstantiated. Submitted lists are generally accepted “as is” however, they are reviewed for any observations that the Alaska Checklist Committee may not be aware of.

2. Submission of a check for $11.00, which pays for the patch and future annual reports. Communication with members is most efficiently done by e-mail. Please be sure to provide your e-mail address if you have one. To receive the mailing address for this check, please contact Ed Clark at

3. Updates to your list may be mailed to Ed Clark or e-mailed to Please send updates so that they arrive by January 10th of the following year (i.e. send your update for 2018 so that it arrives by January 10, 2019). Members do not need to send their entire Alaska list again when updating—just the list of new birds seen each year, with accompanying details, is the preferred method for recording updates. Because of frequent travel away from computers, it is requested that updates not be sent before December in any year.